Winter vacation locations North America

Summer doesn’t always have to be the time of year that you travel and experience new sights and sounds. Many people like to go on vacation in the winter months and if this applies to you, here are some of the top locations that you should be checking out in North America. Renting out a vacation property in any of the following 3 places is definitely something that you should keep in mind.

Mexico Sea Of Cortez

If you fancy travelling on a boat, there is no better place to experience than Mexico Sea Of Cortez, which can be even more amazing during the colder months. You can go on a small cruise, exploring the area with new friends and will be able to enjoy such activities as whale watching, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling and more.


You might be thinking Hawaii? In the winter? but hear me out! Hawaii is such an amazing location and going this time of year will help you experience more than just the beaches that most people imagine when they hear the name. You can really explore the area, take in the Hawaiian atmosphere and even go on a hike on one of the many beautiful trails. This surprising location always leaves you wanting to come back for more.


Famous for having heaps of sunshine and that doesn’t necessarily change just because it is winter. In addition to the notable weather, there is a lot to see and do in Florida all year around. This includes experiencing some of the amazing theme parks, ideal if you are vacationing with your family. There is amazing nightlife and if you want to experience more non-touristy things, there are lots of other small locations that you can explore as you wish.