Where to buy a vacation home on a budget 2018

Where to buy a vacation home on a budget

If you are renting a vacation property on a yearly or even twice yearly basis, think about how much money you are spending over time. It might actually work out to BUY a vacation home and actually gain yourself a permanent property for the cost. Here is a list of the most budget-friendly places to buy a vacation property in 2018 and beyond.

Venice, Florida

Venice is an absolutely amazing place to buy a vacation home with some appealing properties in the area with a wide range of amenities. Renting in this area of Florida can be quite expensive and the average sale value for vacation homes in this area is currently $225,000, although this could likely be negotiated lower.

Lake Placid, Florida

Also in Florida, recent findings indicate that prices for vacation homes in Florida are at an all time low. It’s likely that you can nab yourself a property you absolutely love in the area of Lake Placid for around $125,000. A great financial decision to make if you can afford to do so, while the prices are still this low.

Berlin, Maryland

A little more off the grid than vacation homes in Florida but still with amazing properties to check out for yourself. The prices you would pay to buy such a home in Maryland are around $200,000 right now and you could find some properties that suit you down to a tee for that.

Sun City, Arizona

What better place to buy a vacation property than an area that is dedicated to recreation and fun? This community is welcoming, friendly and even more importantly, there are some gorgeous homes on the market in the area. You could bag yourself a vacation property for around $150,000 according to recent findings.