Going on vacation in North America during the winter doesn’t mean bad weather and a mediocre time. A few locations stay hot all year round but they have certain other qualities that warm up your winter and make it a little more of an exciting vacation. It is definitely worth considering renting a winter vacation property in one of the following locations to enhance your outing.

New Orleans, Lousiana

This is such an amazing location and the nightlife alone will turn your vacation from a 6/10 to a 10/10 in an instant. There are regular jazz nights, a number of tasty Creola dishes to enjoy and the most electric nightlife to enjoy.

Laguna Beach, California

Hot all year round and with the most stunning beaches, it’s clear to see why the worldwide known Laguna Beach has earned a place on this list. The swaying palm trees and the crystal blue waters are going to make your winter vacation feel more like a summer one!

Orange Beach, Alabama

Another option for you is to get a rental property on or near orange beach. This location is warm, it’s very popular with avid fishers and you can even do go-karting and mini golf at the nearby Adventure Island.

Charleston, South Carolina

The beautiful pastel colored buildings alone in Charleston are enough to take your breath away but we are only just getting started. It’s such a romantic city that you can enjoy with that special someone. There are many gardens, harbors, and beaches to check out.

Sedona, Arizona

This is a true little paradise smack bang in the middle of the Arizona desert. There are many great pieces of architecture to explore if this is something that interests you or you could even take a hike along the spellbounding Bell Rock and Oak Creek Canyon.