The best online rental services

Online rental services make finding a property to rent in North America a little easier. Not only can you find a better apartment for you, it’s also possible to see pictures, communicate with the owners to get all the information you need beforehand and so on. Here are some of the best rental services available to access online.


This is a popular site and it’s basically full of everyday people wanting to rent out their apartments to strangers. Often you will really be able to get some bargains on here because there is no middleman, which helps to cut costs slightly. Be sure to check Airbnb regularly for apartments to rent in North America for the date that you want to go on vacation because there are some amazing homes/rooms that often get a lot of attention very quickly.


This is the largest independent operator online and although it is available online worldwide, a large percentage of the properties available are in North America which is ideal for you! You can be rest assured that this site is legit and the company focuses on professionally managed properties to guarantee your full satisfaction. RentalsCombined is a popular site for those in the area on business and pleasure.

Many people use simply to book holidays but don’t realize that it is also possible to book high-quality rental properties on the site, a feature that has been recently introduced. Villas, apartments and condos are available around the world and the number of properties being listed on this site are increasing by the day. Many people love to use to put their properties up for rent because they know it’s a genuine site that promises a fair experience for both parties involved in the process.