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Oaxaca (city, Mexico), in full, Oaxaca de Juaréz, capital city of the state of Oaxaca in the highlands of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains in southern Mexico. Oaxaca is a center of Native American culture and heritage in Mexico and is located near some of the country’s most important archaeological sites. Situated in a large valley at an elevation of more than 1500 m (5000 ft), the city enjoys a subtropical climate.

Oaxaca’s attractions include its shaded central plaza, known as the Zócalo, the covered walks and pedestrian-only streets that surround the square, and a wide variety of colonial architecture. Colonial structures include the city’s baroque cathedral, the churches of La Soledad and Santo Domingo, and the converted monastery that now houses the city’s premier museum—the Oaxaca Regional Museum of Anthropology and History. Other sites include the Rufino Tamayo Museum, the Government Palace, the Benito Juárez Museum and Home, the Oaxaca Museum and Home of Cortés, and the Macedonio Alcala Theater, an impressive building constructed in the late 19th century in a French revival style. The city is also home to the National Autonomous University of Benito Juárez (1827).

Tourism has become increasingly important to the city’s economy since the 1970s. The concentration of indigenous peoples and nearby pre-Hispanic ruins, most notably those at Monte Albán and Mitla, are important draws for tourists. The city has a small industrial sector, dominated by artisan production and small home-based businesses. A lively trade in local handicrafts includes handwoven and dyed carpets, serapes, brightly colored blouses, leather belts, pottery, and silver goods. An international airport is located 7.0 km (4.3 mi) southeast of the city, with daily air connections to Mexico City and a few regular flights to major cities in the United States. The city enjoys daily rail service to Mexico City, and two bus terminals provide ample connections to cities throughout Mexico.

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